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Get Back Onsite with Tom Spital

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

We launch our podcast series chatting with event industry veteran, Tom Spital, who for the last 25 years has concentrated on corporate events, serving as producer, technical director and stage manager for a myriad of projects, both domestic and international. When the pandemic hit, Tom saw a need to figure out how we can all safely, begin to do live events again. He read voraciously about all the new compliance protocols and began to get compliance specific training.  Tom then took all this data and knowledge and started a new company, Get Back Onsite (, which comes to market today around making sure that everyone in the industry is safe for events in 2021. Have a listen to what you can expect for protocols and safety features in 2021!

As part of our work to provide information, conversation and solutions to the event industry, InProduction has sponsored a series of conversations with industry leaders around what they see for future events.


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